The most important interior design tips for a dental office

Why do we follow a theme or interior design for every building we build? The main reason people tend toward interior design is to create an environment that suits their purpose. For example, a school needs an education-oriented interior so that students can focus more. Similarly, the interior design of the dental office also helps to create a suitable interior space for the patients, doctors and staff. A fundamentally attractive interior design for a dental clinic or office attracts more patients; It also helps patients feel more relaxed, and calm during treatment.

The interior design and decoration of the dental office show the respect you have for your patients and staff. The old interior space, inappropriate decoration, poor lighting and things like that heighten the patient’s anxiety about dental procedures. Whether you are planning to open a new office or you are currently working in your office, use a basic dental office interior design to have a warm, relaxing and attractive space.

Carrying out the interior design process of the dental office requires expertise and experience in this field. Having new furniture and using interior design elements is not enough! All elements must be harmonious and selected to achieve a specific purpose. Colors, flooring, dental equipment, natural plants, curtains, decorative accessories, the type of lights and the color of the lights should all be chosen with the utmost precision and elegance to finally see an ideal dental office interior design.



Do not underestimate the psychological profound effect of color in dental office design

You may think that spending a lot of energy on choosing a color has nothing to do with the quality of your office design, but in fact, it is not so! Among the advantages of using the appropriate colors in the interior design of the dental clinic, we can mention the following:

  • Color targets emotions
  • Color affects behavior and mood
  • Color affects the efficiency of office personnel
  • Color is visually stimulating
  • Color can help reduce fatigue

Your team and patients may not have any verbal reaction to your color choice, but in all the moments they are in your office, they feel the subtle influence of colors in their subconscious.


Maybe your favorite color is not the best choice

When you are going to choose the color for the interior design of the dental office, don’t just settle for your personal preference! red may be your favorite color, but does it make sense to use it for the best interior? Choosing colors requires more intuitive and visual attention and less concern about personal taste and preferences. How would you like your patients to feel when they enter your office? quiet? energetic? excited? The choice is yours!

Paying attention to color in dental office interior design means understanding that there is a whole psychology behind choosing the correct color. Popular colors that are often used in dental office design include:


  • White
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Orange
  • yellow
  • Purple
  • Red

Warm and intimate waiting room in the interior design of the dental office

The waiting room is one of the substantial and important spaces in the principles of dental clinic design. The more friendly and intimate this space is, the more comfortable patients will feel and the more pleasant they will spend. Try to provide facilities similar to a house for your visitors. Placing comfortable furniture with a coffee table in the middle creates the feeling of a living room. Using a gas or electric fireplace along with installing a TV on the wall helps a lot to keep the interior design of the dental office warm.

These ideas help patients not to look at each other as strangers and to be able to communicate with each other easily. This type of dental office decoration and design is much more relaxing than arranging a row of chairs side by side!

Open plan in the interior design of the dental clinic

If you have noticed, today open plans are used all over the world to design the space inside the dental office or clinic. In this type of design, you rarely see the use of long brick walls that are connected to the roof; Instead, glass walls or partitions are used to have great natural light, space separation and an attractive design. Using glass partitions and an open plan, natural light from all the windows is transferred throughout the office space and also makes your interior look bigger. Nowadays, designers use the open plan in the best way not only in the interior design of the dental office, but also in various areas of interior design.


Use pleasant artwork on the walls

When it comes to wall art, most dental offices are limited to a few posters. These posters become old over time and their images fade and eventually fade. Instead of using these posters, go for canvas artwork or a series of wall paintings that will have a dramatic effect on enhancing the interior design of your dental office.

There’s no reason why the art on the walls has anything to do with dentistry! Instead, go for artwork related to your taste. For example, if you are a mountaineer, go to the beautiful and eye-catching scenes of nature; If you are into gardening, get some beautiful flower or plant paintings and designs for your walls.

Creating a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere with natural flowers and plants

Natural plants are one of our most important tools to have the best dental office interior design. Plants create vitality and vitality and are ideal for controlling the stress and anxiety of patients. Of course, let’s define our task with artificial plants! The only job of these plants is to collect dust and they have no role in the decoration and interior design of your dental clinic.

The use of green plants is ideal, especially for people who use the combination of white and green colors for dental office design. In any situation, you can benefit from beautiful plants for your interior.

Interior design of a child-friendly dental office

Treating children’s teeth is also part of a dentist’s activity; however, it is not possible to design the entire interior of a clinic or dental office with children’s elements! Having a separate waiting room or treatment room for children is the best option.

  • In this room, you can use wall papers or posters of children’s favorite superheroes.
  • Provide some games and entertainment for the time they are in your office.
  • Use small chairs and tables in the living room or waiting room so that the child can use them easily.
  • Load lots of cartoons, animations and children’s programs into your player.

This part of the interior design of the dental office should be specifically for children to make them interested in attending the office.

Use of decoration related and coordinated with interior design

The interior decoration of the dental office must be unique. If attractive themes and unique furniture are used for this location, you will finally see a very eye-catching interior. Tables, chairs, works of art, plants, color and material of dental units, doors, elements of the reception area, decorative objects and all parts of the interior decoration of the dental office must be carefully and elegantly selected. Getting help from a person or a team of experts in this field will assist you to have a decoration that matches the interior design of the dental office. The goal is for all patients and staff to feel satisfied and comfortable in this dental office or clinic.

Pay attention to the lighting of your clinic

Lighting can bring an interior design to the height of beauty or sink into the depths of ugliness! Your choices in terms of the type of lights, the way the light is spread and the color of the lights are very important and key. Cheerful and bright lighting can make a dental office look very friendly and welcoming. Most dental offices and clinics use only natural light in addition to fluorescent ceiling lights, which are often irritating to the eyes.

The best decision to have ideal lighting in the interior design of the dental office is to use a combination of ambient lighting with focused lighting to create a dramatic effect. LED lamps are an excellent option for use in the interior design of dental clinics. These lamps do not hurt the eyes, they have good light, and their effect in reducing the electricity consumption of your clinic is undeniable.

Using patterned walls for a dental office

One of the principles of dental clinic design is the use of suitable materials and designs for the walls. This method is quite common, but at the same time, it is one of the best ways to have a desired interior space in the dental clinic. We can use flowery walls, embossed walls, wavy walls, sky and night designs or any other suitable design for dental office interior design. These designs look enchanting in a closed room and are relaxing for both patient and dentist.

The final purpose of dental office interior design

The only purpose of a dental clinic or office is to correct the patient’s smile; But sometimes it is the clinic environment that can bring a smile to the patient’s lips! Therefore, it is always important to have a clean, beautiful, intimate and comfortable environment and it creates an unforgettable experience of being in the dental clinic for the patient. In this article, we mentioned the most important interior design points of the dental office that can bring a smile to the lips of your patients. The more and better you use these tips in decorating your space, the more beautiful and pleasant environment you will bring to your visitors.

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