Hotel interior design is of vital importance in order to create a positive and memorable experience for guests, tourists, employees and anyone who steps into your property. The interior design of the hotel reflects the people you intend to attract; facilities you plan to provide; And there are many such cases.

The interior design of the hotel is different from the design and arrangement of an apartment, office or even a luxury villa. In the design of this space, you have to deal with more important issues than luxurious and expensive furniture and stylish and clean lines. Today’s hotels must be able to adapt themselves intelligently to rapid social changes and provide ideal conditions for hospitality.

Why is hotel interior design important?

In a word, there is fierce competition in the hotel industry! Special and unique hotels try to attract people who are looking for more and more targeted options. Whether guests realize it or not, they always choose hotels that are more aesthetically pleasing to their vision of a hotel and the dream place they have built in their mind.

Your hotel should convey many things to its audience with the help of hotel interior design. If this space is well and fundamentally designed, it is able to:

  • Bring the guests you want or target customers to your hotel again and again
  • Highlight and present the features and facilities of the hotel
  • Set you apart from other competitors in the hospitality industry
  • Encourage tours to choose your hotel for various events
  • Bring your brand’s message to people’s ears and opinions
  • And cause you to be recognized in the city or region of your activity


In the following, you will get to know some specialized tips in the field of hotel interior decoration design, which are recommended by the elders of the hotel industry and can be seen in the hotels of these elders all over the world.

discussion of 7 hotel interior design tips for success in the hotel industry

Finding the focal point in hotel interior design

A great design doesn’t try to please everyone; Rather, it only focuses on a specific goal! Find the focal point according to the cultural, social and people who are going to be guests of your hotel. Who are your main customers? What do these people expect from your brand? How can you display your brand mission in a visual and attractive way in the form of an eye-catching design?

Answer these questions and keep them in mind when choosing colors, themes, furniture, artwork, and other items.

Hotel de Nell in Paris has found its place by providing a “home away from home” atmosphere among guests. In the design of this hotel, deep bathtubs, fireplaces, furniture and simple and high-quality interior appliances have been used to evoke the feeling of being at home in the mind and eyes of its guests. Guests can easily understand the goals and mission of this brand by viewing the interior design of the hotel and make a decision about their stay based on it.

Color selection in hotel interior design with the help of psychology

Undoubtedly, using psychological facts in color selection is a logical solution. Blue and green are among the cold colors that bring relaxation. The use of these colors is suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Yellow is suitable for use in lobbies, receptions and environments designed for speaking. Also, for the interior design of the luxury hotel room, you can use the combination of purple, wine and gray, which make the environment luxurious and sophisticated. Paying attention to the shadows and the combination of colors is also important in the interior design of the hotel and should be handled with sensitivity.

Get inspired by the location of the hotel

Whether for business or pleasure, your guests have chosen to visit your city or region for a reason. By using your local elements, make your guests feel like they are part of your local community. For this, you can use architectural elements, unique building materials, historical elements, decorative objects and dozens of other ideas that are related to your area.

The Ambiente Hotel was built with its unique vision in Arizona and is surrounded by the Coconino International Forest. However, this hotel is designed and built with a focus on compatibility with the environment. The interior design of Ambiente Hotel and its exterior is respectful of nature and uses modern and nature-friendly architectural and design methods.

Future perspective in the interior design of the hotel room

According to its size, each hotel has a number of rooms that account for the highest cost of designing the interior decoration of the hotel. It may not be possible to renovate and change the interior design of these rooms for a long time; So make your design last by using themes, colors, fixtures and furniture that will retain their beauty and charm for years.

Take the time to choose a hotel interior design idea and see what guests expect from their room. Try to keep the main parts of the design such as walls, flooring, curtains, furniture and bed simple and give the room character by using accessories.

Considering a space to display local art

The interior design of the hotel can only contribute to the success of the hotel when it is connected with the community. Check whether you have allocated enough space to display local art in the interior design of the hotel lobby, guest rooms and other areas. These works of art give guests an opportunity to learn more about the culture of your region; On the other hand, it creates a strong link between your collection and local artists. Corridors, busy staircases, lobby, rooms and dining hall are suitable places to display these works.

The importance of lighting in hotel interior design

Often overlooked in hotel interior design, lighting has many aesthetic and practical implications for hotel guests and staff. The right light helps guests feel relaxed, refreshed and alive. Wrong lighting – without guests really knowing why – adds to the stress. Just like the choice of color, lighting is of high psychological importance.

For instance, consider the Corinthia Hotel in London. The hotel has a huge chandelier in its lobby that contains 1001 sparkling crystal bubbles; At the same time, the pool and massage parlor have low and dark lighting so that the atmosphere is completely relaxing. In the pool of this complex, lights are embedded in the water, and their reflection falls on the ceiling.

Attention to the interior design of the hotel based on efficiency

  • The lobby space should be completely open so that there is no obstacle to easy traffic even in busy times
  • Include the necessary facilities for the movement of people with physical disabilities in the interior design of the hotel
  • Make sure public and private living areas have adequate lighting and comfortable furniture
  • Use visual and written signs for easy movement of guests and crew
  • Determine the purpose of creating each space and its use with the help of hotel interior decoration design

Get help from hotel interior design experts

If there was a do-it-yourself list for hoteliers, hotel interior design would definitely not be on it! The interior design of the hotel lobby, rooms, corridors, dining hall, etc. is very important and now is not the right time for learning and trial and error.

Be sure to get help from a reputable designer or design company that has high experience and knowledge in the field of interior design of hotels and guest spaces. This person or group must understand your brand, location and goals well in order to provide the best suggestions. When you find such a person or company, put forward your ideas so that you can ultimately improve your space in terms of aesthetics in the best and most pleasant way possible.

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